Tricina Fultz

Tricina Fultz at the wonderful age of 30 decided it was time she took her writing to the next level. The mother of 5 beautiful smart kids, and the stepmother of one idealistic 16-year-old young man. Tricina started writing at the age of 8.  Always wanting to write her own book, life got in the way. Having her son at the age of 16, she had a hard time dealing with day to day life; so every chance she got, she would get out her tablet and write till she couldn’t write anymore. One of her favorite things to write is poetry. As she got older, she had to put her dreams aside so her kids could have the life they have now. Tricina strives to make sure they can achieve their dreams and life goals. Tricina and her family now reside in Metairie, La. She hopes to one day be an inspiration to her kids and make them understand; its never too late to achieve your destiny.