Moses Jeremiah Taylor a.k.a. Richi V is originally from Richmond Va. In and out of foster care, he used his lucrative imagination to escape from the realities of life. Writing at the age of 11 Richi V, knew his words would touch many, but yet he would find himself homeless once again in his adult years. Not allowing life to beat him down, he continues to write and share his work with the world; although, many people tried to stop and block his blessings. Telling him what he could and could not write instead of allowing his creativity to showcase. 

Doing what he has been called to do, he focuses on writing because his ultimate dream is to write movies and build his empire around the name Richi V. Finding the perfect publishing home for him, the sky is the limit and he will not stop until is name is bigger than Facebook and Amazon. He encourages everyone to stay focused on your vision; no matter the adversities that may come your way.