Women’s Empowerment By Lady V

For so many years, we were considered second class citizens

Who would’ve known they would add the 19th Amendment

Not entitled to our full rights

We kept putting up a fight

Uniting as one

Making sure these rights were available to everyone

Commended and supported

In all of our activities

Holding a nationwide demonstration in 1970

Why do we keep fighting to stay in the race?

When we’re supposed to be a part of the human race

Arrested for trying to vote

To flying across the Atlantic Ocean

Doing everything you can do

Why would you want to take our rights away?

We should be viewed as your equals

We just want our freedom

And to explore every opportunity

We come from many walks of life

All we want is equality

After all our ranting and raving

You finally heard our voice

In 1920

We were given the right to vote

As you can see

We will continue to fight

For what we want in life

This is a

Woman’s Empowerment

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