Top 5 States with the Best Beer By Jasmine

Drink responsibly, Be Safe ... Be Smart

And the countdown starts with…

5. Washington

This has been one of the states in the running for the tops beers for a long time. Washington has more than 200 breweries so is definitely looking to keep it this way. Not only does it house allot of heavy beer hitters, but the micro brews are a great success also, Pyramid and Redhook are just two that help make it so.

4. Michigan

So this state has about 100,000 breweries to every 2 adults. And since they happen to have some of the best breweries around they even house the Bell's Oberon annually. If you live in Michigan you have found that beer drinking is a way of life, it is one of the ways that Michigan gives its self an economic booster.

3. Colorado

Beer is everywhere, and with the cold in this area they have no choice but to produce good cold brews all to enjoy. If you have not had a beer from Colorado, it’s time to change that.

2. California

There are so many beers that are from Cali that you could spit and hit a few at a time. But you have to admit, they do it well. You would think in a town called Weed, they would do something other than beer, well at least we know that is the biggest thing they do there.

And the top state for beer is...........

1. Oregon

Even though Cali and Washington have more brewers and people, but they don't have density or the quality that Oregon has grown in their beer. Even their bad beats most of the good – go figure.

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