Too Busy for SEX? OMG! NEVER! By Jasmine

Busy? How to fit great sex into your schedule

Now adays we are always connected to something, iPads, computers, cell phones, and work etc..., we at one time had a ton of free time to get physical with our partners. That has changed so now we need to find the time.

Intimacy tips everyone can use

Parents have many things going on, allot of times at once, kids' soccer practices and a myriad of social commitments. Having hot sex can get put on the back burner... if we do it at all. But a life without “nookie” is no way to spend our time — and with that in mind,

Here are a few helpful hints:

A lot of times with busy couples and we say yes to a lot of things, like volunteer work. It’s funny one of the first words we learn is NO but we forget to use it when we need to in life. We have to take a step back and say, 'How can I say no to that volunteer work and yes to my partner?' So at least once a week we have at least a half an hour together' Sometimes if you have a really busy week, even texting your partner little text love notes can mean allot and it doesn't take a lot of time."

Sex is important for your emotional health too. Having sex really helps connect us back to ourselves." Ask for what you want in bed. Most of us don't have the vocabulary. Most of us can't say what we want. You don't have to say it. You can just take a book off the shelf and read a passage, and say, 'This is what I want' or you don't even have to say it, leave the book with the page marked for your partner. Then all of a sudden you can start having a dialogue."

This is important, remember talk it out, put it on the calendar and keep the date. Your time together keeps you together.

Remember … them that “nookie” together say together!

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