Pleasure & Pain by Lady V

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The reflections of me

I did with simplicity

Scared to be me

When I was having my joy beat out of me

Not by the fist or an iron rod

But the love that was causing me

Pleasure & Pain

Now here I am once again

Laying it all on the line

Revealing my truth

I once tried to hide

Burying it deep down inside

Hoping no one would see my pain

But the pleasure and fake smile on my face

Yeah I had to give it to you one more time

Not because I’ve grown

But because it’s time for me to face my reality

Not for you

But simply for me

It’s time I found my peace

Not in man

But within me

The way God intended for it to be

You can look into my life

It’s an open book

But could you withstand the burdens I bear?

So before you judge me

Take a better look

And tell me what do you see when you look in the mirror

It’s not my face staring back

It’s the reflections of you

Now, what do you have to gain?

You could never see my pleasure or pain

When you’re staring yours head on

Looking them face to face

Head on

No looking back

Wondering what’s next in store

So before you judge someone else

Look in your own back yard

And tell me what do you see?

It’s the reflections of me

Pleasure and pain

Looking back at me

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