Making Love to my mind by Lady V

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Today I smile thinking of what you do to me

Making me smile

Making my day a little brighter

Not because you have to

But because I mean the world to you

Picking up the phone in the middle of your work day

Just to say hello

And how much you love me

Thanks for making my day so sweet

Today I woke up to a dozen of roses

Not because it’s my birthday

But because you want to see my smile

Early in the morning

Breakfast in bed

Watching the sun rise across my face

Seeing my beauty

Like early morning rays

Playing in my hair

Kissing me right there

Whispering in my ear

Have a nice day

Sending you on your way

Ready to write this poem

Thanking you

For making love to my mind

I can’t believe this is real

One day after the other

I can’t believe nothing has changed

I can get used to this

I can’t remember the last time I felt this way

Thanks for making each day so special

Making love to my mind

Making great chemistry

Showing me something differently

This is something I can get accustomed to

I don’t want to live any other way

I’m ready to make you my one and only

We could go a long way

As long as you promise

To make love to my mind

Each and every day

I am here to stay

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