Incapable of Loving Me by Lady V

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I thought you loved me the way I loved you

But you kept throwing it back

I could never figure out why

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks

You are incapable of loving me

Not because you can’t but because you’re mind was never set

Set on loving me

Set on giving it back

All I ever wanted was your love

Yet you took it and ran with it

Giving it to others around the world

From Mississippi to Illinois

I guess you didn’t think I knew

I don’t miss much

I’m so sick of you

I’ve gone through enough with you

These past five years have been pure hell

I guess you were incapable of loving me too

I stayed and tried to work it out with you

Two jail sentences and numerous of women

Would it be okay if I gave this delicate flower away?

To every Tom, Dick, and Harry

Maybe I should’ve

That’s what you’re used to

You’ve never had a woman like me before

You’re used to those scum buckets

Fucking all your homeboys and everything in town

You could never be real with them and they could never be real with you

No matter how many babies or baby mama’s you have

You are a hoe and incapable of loving me

One day you will see I was the best thing for you

But when you do

Don’t think about looking my way

I forgave you a long time ago

But I’m over it all

I understand now

You were incapable of loving me

And I don’t know why I held on so long

I thought one day you would change

Grow up and eventually be a man

But instead you thought you were entitled to my love

When in reality you were incapable of loving me

Because you were incapable of loving you

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