How to Develop Good Coping Skills By Brandon Morningstar

Coping skills are personal medicine tools that can help you manage your mental health challenges if you feel that medicine doesn’t work or that you’ve had not much success with potential medicine changes frequently. Coping skills can be various different techniques and/or strategies to minimize the effects of a sudden down turn in mood even if it’s just a brief moment or a lengthy episode. Over the years, I’ve developed quite a few of my own but what works for me may not work for you necessarily. My coping skills include:

Using a journal

Candlelight/Incense Relaxation by focusing on the smells of the candle or the incense


Prayer/Focus on Scripture

(shockingly enough) video games

Exercises both of mind and outdoor activities such as walks

Indoor exercises both of mind and body including daily exercise regimen (stretches, relaxation, upper and lower body muscle maintenance and household responsibilities

Listening to music no matter if mood is bad or good

Usage of my WRAP plan (WRAP- Wellness and Recovery Action Plan)

Taking all prescribed medicine on time

Paying attention to tone of voice and how it sounds to me

Developing your own plan is important. Just take it one step at a time.

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