Forever Yours (I Love You)....By Chanel Alston

Looking in your eyes

I see the future of you and I



All my dreams come true

Let’s take this step together

Rock with me

Love me

Lean on me

I’m your ideal woman

Loving…caring…and always loyal

Making our bad times rosy

Our good times amazing

Making love like no other

Talking with our hearts

Vulnerable so you can save me

Crying in my arms so I can kiss on you

Making all your troubles better

Building a foundation

Lasting forever

That’s my love for us

Now hold me in your arms

Never let me go

I promise to be yours forever

Loving you beyond your faults

Changing our worlds

Making a difference in each other’s life

Let’s be one forever

Trusting that I’m all you need

My heart…mind…body…and soul

Belongs only to you

Baby I love you

I am Forever yours

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