A Once In a Lifetime Kinda Love

by Chanel Alston Love takes time it’s not something you rush. It might take a couple of weeks, or it might take a couple of years.

Since I've been single, I’ve had to realize some things about marriage and relationships. When you get married you must go through the process. First, you must be friends. Getting to know each other around others, and what type of people they like being around. You can tell a lot about someone around other people. This can help you to determine if you want to take the next level with that person. If you do, the next step is dating. This step is getting to know each other on a deeper level. Can you handle him, or her leaving the toothpaste top off the toothpaste? Maybe, there are little irritating things they do that you don't find a big deal. For some, this is the deal breaker part of the relationship. The majority of the time you may feel as if anything that can go wrong will go wrong during the dating part.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want your partner to be close to their best friend, or maybe you think your partner hangs out too much with their friends, or maybe their family is in your business too much please understand if you have a child you might end up getting the family, as well.  It's up to you how you handle the situation. In the past I’ve had to tell the family how I felt. You have to find a nice way to tell stay out of your business.

If you make it to this next step you're in a relationship. A relationship establishes if you can be together. Can you live together? Can you put up with the irritating things they do? Can you put up with their crazy family and friends? And if they have kids, can you put up with the crazy baby mama or baby daddy? If you established this while you were dating, you can put up with all of this; even if you have a workaholic as a partner. Being in a relationship will help you to tell if you can last in a marriage.

Although you are in a marriage, things should never change. However, according to my own experience most of the time they do. Please understand some people aren't who they say they are, and most of the time you will find this out after marriage. That's why when you're dating, you should stay over sometimes, to see if you can put up with your partner. You should know if you can't cook their favorite food is it going to kill them or be a problem. What happens if you don't like some of their friends? What will be the resolution for that problem? If everything is copacetic, let's go to the next step; engagement.

Now we believe we know each other and we're in love. At this stage, we have decided that we can put up with the craziness in each other's life. This is the part where the wife becomes, Bridezilla; while the husband chills or make crazy mistakes. Maybe it’s the other way around, the husband is Husbandzilla; running the wife crazy. Either way, you're running each other crazy because you want your wedding to be perfect, but understand; nothing is perfect.  Sometimes, ex's show up, and you may suddenly start getting cold feet. Craziness tends to happen when people are engaged. This is the part of your relationship that will make you or break you. If it breaks you there will be no wedding, but if it makes you it will make your bond stronger. Some people don't go by this motto, but if you put God first and your relationship second, you can't go wrong. Be happy, smile, exude love. You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks; just love each other.

When there's a third party in your relationship, nine times out of ten, it will never work out. If you made it here you're ready for marriage. If you are walking down and aisle and getting cold feet remember one thing; you know you can't live without this person. You can’t breathe if they’re not in your life. The bond you share is the bond tied by the bond of our hearts.

After all, you know what true love is when you see it. Love Is Love, and you only get it once in a lifetime. Now before you say I do, make sure you can keep your promises. Never stop loving each other, and know this isn't going to be a perfect journey, but it will be a perfect journey for the both of you.

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