Mr. Mike Love 

Mr. Mike Love is a 50 something year old, single guy who loves to cook.

He is a professional aircraft mechanic, amateur 3D artist, and amateur chef.

Mr. Mike Love’s joy of cooking came out of necessity when he divorced in 2000.  His passion for cooking has blossomed in the last 5 years.  Being part owner of Bending Reality Magazine and, the graphics manager is when he started to write down his recipes.

Mr. Mike Love has a firm belief that the food industry in the United States does not care about our health. They care more about making money.  He believes people have, generally, become lazy, opting for frozen meals and fast food.  This is the heart of our country’s health issues.  When you opt for prepared meals, as in fast food or frozen meals, you are letting someone else decide what you are putting into your body.  You take in more sodium, sugar, carbs, and fat than you should.  Add to it, unknown additives and preservatives.

Now don’t get him wrong, he loves the occasional fast food burger, pizza, or going out for wings and beers.  The key is:  Occasional, maybe, once or twice a month.

Since he has changed how he eat, he has lost weight, lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol.  All without changing any of his other habits, such as exercise and drinking habits.

Mr. Mike Love loves food; well made flavorful food.  In order to get that, you need to do the work and pay attention to what you are creating.  Make cooking a passion as he has, even if it’s just to sustain yourself, or entertaining.  Putting lots of love, attention, and imagination into your dishes will make your world so much better.

His goal is to share the things that he has made, and encourage you to experiment, test and enjoy.  You will most certainly have failures, as he has had many.  But, as all things, it is a learning process.  Mr. Mike Love writes his recipes in order of preparation. Writing them in a way you will automatically learn from his mistakes.  If you follow the directions, you will be successful almost every time.

Mr. Mike Love encourages you to change ingredients in his recipes.  Everyone has different tastes, and he understands that.  All you need to do, is follow his laid out prep processes, the rest is up to you.

Love your food.

You have one life to enjoy all that there is to eat and still be healthy.


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