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Eleane Lasion Murray a.k.a. MiracleChildPoet, is a Poet, Author, and Inspirational Speaker from the Florida Area.  

As a little girl, she became a lover of poetry as she watched her late father, may he rest in peace, write lyrics for a Gospel group he created. From that day forth she strived to be great in writing, by taking as many classes as she could throughout her schooling, to be great. 

MiracleChildPoet found a way to express herself freely by using writing to inspire, motivate, and encourage other people to do great things. She always believed that writing was her gift from God, and she used God's gifts to win poetry contests for and many more. If she wasn't able to write, she would declare insanity, but she gives thanks each and every day for God showing favor on her and giving her a special gift she can use to uplift those who need an encouraging word to make it throughout their day. 

"Poetry is a love of mine, so from my existence, it will never part."