Makala Taylor has been writing poetry since the age of 13. It all started with her love of Edgar Allen Poe.  Discovering her love for verbal expression, she started writing her thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a journal.  Who knew the simple expressions of a young girl would turn into a lifetime of mental stimulation. 

Makala’s first self-published book "Sweet Dreams Beautiful Nightmare" came shortly after writing a heartfelt poem for her mother's funeral. It was at that time she vowed, to finish whatever she started in life and she kept that vow. Going on to self-publish a total of eight books, she hoped her words would help those who read them. 

Makala continues to make progress in her passion for writing, and her enthusiasm for raising eyebrows and creating shock factors with her play on words.  Breaking barriers not being intimidated by social topics she conquers all type of key issues from self-love to police brutality. Not stopping at poetry, she is also working on establishing a seven-part novel series that is sure to get people talking.  Although her passion is poetry she has taken time to develop a T shirt line that is sure to have heads turning. As she has been slept on for years, be prepared to be woke up; what she presents to the world next, you don't want to miss.
Books available for purchase on amazon: The Good, The Bad and The Undeserving, A Phoenix Never Dies, Beautiful Nightmares...Sweet Dreams, Crossing Burning Bridges, The Wettest Sheets, Spontaneous Foreplay, A Lifetime of Emotions, When the Seasons of Love Changes, Raven's Random Rants: A Year and a Half of Heaven and Hell, King and Queen of Quotes

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