Tivona Elliott a.k.a. Lady V was born in Wichita, Ks on July 30, 1976. Growing up she loved to write. She found out writing was her get away, from the realities of her life. Becoming desperately ill in 2008, Tivona knew she had to do something to bring in some income, and add some fulfillment to her life.  Still unsure of the path she was supposed to take, God delivered his message telling her to step out on faith.  In June 2010, she was diagnosed with Lupus.  Finally knowing what was wrong, she refused to allow it to take over her life.


 In 2010, Tivona started Fast Life Management.  Self-publishing her first novel Livin’ the Fast Life, Tivona knew she wanted to do more than just write.  Not getting the recognition she wanted, she knew she had to learn her craft.  Realizing the chaos new author’s struggle with in the business, she knew she wanted to make a difference.  

In 2013, Tivona republished Livin’ the Fast Life and became an author consultant.  She now offers services to help authors become self-published.  Not only does she offer services for authors, but she also offers services to show you how to get your business on the move.  Knowing the importance of business, Tivona wanted to make sure she is able to help others live their dreams.  Seeing the reality of her business, she wanted to go a little bit further.  


In Feb. 2015, she started Fast Life On the Move radio network on Blogtalk Radio.  Giving people the opportunity to promote their business, and share their views on topics they can relate to. Not stopping there, in 2016 she partnered with Co-owner Jasmine Night of Bending Reality Magazine, and that partnership became what you now know as Elliott Night Professionals.  Doing what they love to do, they found a way to bring the beauty of art to life. Giving artists, musicians, and authors a way of showcasing their work with the world. Although she wears many hats, Tivona never forgets where she comes from.  


Keeping God as the head of her life, she continues striving down the path he has before her. No matter what life may throw her way, no weapon formed against her shall prosper.  She will continue to empower, enrich, and encourage others to do great things; until God says he’s ready for her.

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