Chanel Alston

Chanel Nicole Alston was raised in Littleton North Carolina. Chanel has two grown kids who she loves and strives to make a good impression in their lives. Chanel is a strong woman, mother, sister, and friend. Helping people to overcome things in their lives is her passion. She may not be a therapist of any sort, but her heart is pure as gold. Although Chanel is very outspoken, she opens up her heart in hopes that people will receive what she has to say. Going through many trials and tribulations Chanel decided she wanted to write.


She knew it was her time to share her story to uplift others and touch many hearts. With her many lessons in life, she is ready to share with the world and coming with both barrows blazing, as she takes the world by storm. She will continue to live by "I have the ability to overcome anything life has to offer me. I am a Rock Star and no one can stop me but me," as she shines bright like a diamond in this writing industry. ENP welcomes author Chanel Alston to the ENP family.